Replacement atomiser-coils.

Atomiser-coils (also known atomiser heads or replacement coils) are the part of an electronic cigarette that heats the e-liquid, thereby turning it into vapor.

What Factors Determine How Long An Atomiser Coil Lasts?

There are several factors that collectively shape the lifespan of your atomiser coils. The acidity level and the PG/VG consistency of your e-liquid both play an important role. Additionally, the amount you vape and the amount of power running to the coil are also contributing factors.

In general, the higher the acidity level of your e-liquid, the faster the coil will burn out. Certain flavors, fruit ones for example, tend to have higher levels of acidity, which will in turn burn out your atomiser coil more rapidly than other flavors. In addition, the higher the VG content of the e-liquid, the quicker your atomiser coil will tend to need replacement. This is due to the fact that vegetable glycerin is substantially thicker in consistency than propylene glycol. As a result, the cotton or silica wicking element within the atomiser coil deteriorates much faster when VG dominant liquids are used.

Moreover, the wattage and voltage level you are running to your atomiser coil will be a determining factor for its longevity. The more power you are running, the quicker the atomiser coil will burn out. Higher wattage and voltage will ultimately cause the wire to lose its heating capability, and it will therefore produce less vapor.

Perhaps the most obvious factor involved in determining how long your coils will last is how often you vape. Those who vape consistently throughout the day will need to change their atomiser coils much more frequently than those who vape scarcely or sporadically throughout the day. In other words, the longevity or lifespan of an atomiser coil is measured in hours used as opposed to days since the last replacement.