E-Vape-Zone E-Liquids by Big juice PG/VG 60/40

Having tried many many e-liquids we believe we have found some of the best available!!
Evapezone’s E-Liquid Is made in the UK in East Yorkshire. All diacetyl free. The ingredients are only imported from the leading flavour manufacturers who have rigorous testing in place. The base liquid comprises of Pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerine sourced in the UK.  Fully traceable down to the person who bottled it! Nicotine again is Pharmaceutical grade sourced in the EU and fully traceable down to the person who bottled it. There is no adding of water to the liquid, whether distilled or not, the ingredients above are the only ingredients used to create each bottle! PG/VG mix is 60/40.

Manufactured in bespoke ISO 7 clean rooms.
GCMS testing and transparency on all flavours.
Full manufacturers product liability.
Member of EECBA

Evapezone’s Liquid is tested by West Yorkshire Analytical Services who work on behalf of West Yorkshire Joint Services in conjunction with Trading Standards. For copies of our latest reports please email a request to [email protected]