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User Guides.

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How to top up:

  • Unscrew your ETS Glassomizer from your battery

  • Whilst holding the clearomizer with the mouthpiece facing down, unscrew the base with the coil still attached to the base

  • Pour your chosen liquid inside the tube, pouring down the sides – NOT down the middle hole

  • Avoid overfilling so that no liquid can go down the centre hole

  • Screw the base back on to the tube

  • Roll the clearomizer around and let the e liquid absorb for a few minutes – or you may end up burning the coil

  • Vape away!

How to change the coil:

  • If you getting a burning taste and there is still liquid in the tank then the coil needs replacing.

  • Changing the coil is best done with an empty tank, but just in case there is any liquid, ensure your Glassomizer’s mouthpiece is facing down to the floor.

  • Unscrew your Glassomizer from your battery

  • Unscrew the base Unscrew the coil from the base

  • Screw in a fresh coil to the base

  • Screw the base with the fresh coil back on to the tube

  • Finally, screw the whole unit back on to the battery and you’re set to go.

How to clean:

Whilst all the pieces of the unit are separated when you change the coil, you can also clean your tank.

  • You can unscrew the mouthpiece from the tank (meaning you can also swap this for any 510 drip tip).

  • Run water through the mouthpiece and also the tank where the liquid goes.

  • Leave to dry and voila – fresh like new!

  • If you experience any gurgling this may be due to liquid getting into the centre airflow tube from filling incorrectly. Clear this liquid by blowing through the mouthpiece into a paper towel.

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